Tools for Self Care

Our bodies experience daily stress whether we sitting too long at the computer or going through an intense work out. In a perfect world we would all get daily or weekly massages, adjustments, or acupuncture. However, most of us don't have the time or money for this, and while nothing truly replaces a skilled bodyworker or practitioner, there are products that can help us with self-care maintenance. Here are some self care tools we recommend you keep on hand! 


Foam Roller - The number one tool we recommend at Flourish is a foam roller. A small 1- 3 foot long roll usually costs less than $20 and will save you a good deal of money on anything from massage to physical therapy.

Thera Cane - This handy tool is excellent for working knots out of your back and shoulders. The cane design allows you to use leverage to put the hurts-so-good pressure on knotted rhomboid muscles and other hard to get to areas. The Thera Cane is good for athletes, as well as those of us that must spend long hours on the computer of in the car. MSRP is $39.95 and it includes an owner's manual in the box.  Manuals can also be downloaded on the product website.

Roll Recovery -This unusual-looking tool is a spring-loaded mechanism with four rollers attached to each end. The spring-loaded force-flex tool helps you put pressure on key areas, massaging the legs. It is small enough to travel well.

Pinkie Balls - These little bouncy balls might just become your new best friend. They are great on that plane ride or during your commute to work. Sit on a pinkie ball or place one between your back and a chair or wall. These little guys reach the places a foam roller can't.

Ice - is primarily used when a body part has been injured or over heated. It is the actual application of cooling when the body has produced or over produced a response to a trauma. Ice should not be applied for more than 15 minutes at a time. 

Heat - is a modality that encourages movement and extension in the tissues. Stretching after heat can be very useful. However, in a part that is injured it may increase swelling and edema in that area. 

Ice & Heat - it is appropriate to use ice and heat in a reciprocal fashion. Use Heat before stretching followed by 5 minutes of ice afterwards to get rid of any inflammation. 

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